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Matrix is a Youth Project that has been developed and administered by Mirfield Churches Together in Mirfield and District since May 2008.  This was a response to public desire to see something done about the perceived ‘gang culture’ within Mirfield.  The reality of this was open to question, but there was certainly an element of young people congregating in public places and engaging in anti-social behaviour.


By initiating, sustaining and developing long-term voluntary relationships with young people, Matrix seeks to facilitate a variety of contexts where marginalized young people can develop in body, mind and spirit.  The project is delivered by a professionally qualified part time youth worker supported by volunteers (including some from the Team Parish).


The continuing objectives of Matrix are to establish a regular positive adult presence in places where young people aged between about thirteen and nineteen congregate.  And to positively engage with those who gather together in Mirfield Town Centre and environs.  To build sustainable voluntary relationships with these young people and to develop initiatives that enable them to expand their sense of self worth, take responsibility for themselves and to make informed choices in life.  To support them in setting up projects and activities that interest them.  To build a network of agencies that can offer young people opportunities to volunteer, and provide opportunity for alternative accreditation through schemes such as Youth Achievement Awards.  To assist young people in the exploration and development of their spiritual self whilst creating space for them to explore deeper questions of life.  Finally to create a safe environment for those who become vulnerable due to drink or drug misuse.




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Matrix (Ages11-18)  meets in St. Andrew's Methodist Church on Tuesdays between 4 pm and 6 pm.

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