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Here is an extract from the Mirfield Team Parish news sheet for Sunday 29th March.

Welcome to Mirfield Team Parish

Sunday 29th March 2020       The Fifth Sunday of Lent


The corona virus response is hitting everyone hard in one way or another.  Helen and I have phoned round and spoken with nearly everyone on our Electoral Roll.  Thankfully, at the moment most people are coping well with the restrictions and have family, neighbors and friends rallying round to help.  If you do start to have difficulties then please let me know and if we can help we will.  You could also contact the Kirklees help line who are coordinating voluntary response units in the Mirfield area

This is the on-line contact


and the phone number is  01484 226919


We have had one request for a pair of crutches if anyone has a pair that they are no longer using and can spare then please let me know.


One thing that is effecting people at the moment are the restrictions placed on funerals.  We can now only have graveside funerals at church and with restricted numbers, 10 family members only. Although funerals are still taking place at the Crematoriums they too are restricted to just 10 family members attending.  Many people are arranging  simple funerals now and planning for memorial services later in the year.  If you are unable to get to a funeral and feel the need to do something then the Church of England web site has a special section where you can remember the loved one, pray for them and their family, and light a candle to their memory.  You can find this here.


A number of people have asked me what they should do with the weekly envelopes.  At the moment we don't have a way of collecting them so just put them to one side for now and bring them when you can.  Alternatively, David our treasurer suggests that now might be a good time to go onto some form of direct bank payment scheme.  These are quite easy to set up especially if you use internet banking. Please let me know if this is something you might like to do.

In addition to the new sheet pdf this week we have also sent you a pdf of the Magazine.  Janice, who produces the magazine tells me that they have been printed but we can't distribute them at the moment.  When things get back to normal you can have the paper version but for now do enjoy the PDF.  Also, please feel free to pass it on to others that you know who might enjoy it.

We continue to say Morning and Evening prayer at 9:30 am and 5:30 pm so join us in spirit if you can.  You can also download a recording of compline each evening from our Facebook page  .  This Sunday you can join the Archbishop of York who will be leading a service at 9am which can be found on the church of England web page .


All services in our churches are on hold and the usual social and fundraising activities are no longer running until such time as we are advised to do otherwise.

The cafe at St. Mary’s will be closed for the next couple of weeks as part of the local response to Coronavirus. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Monday afternoon Tea & Chat will not take place until further notice



One of the ministries we offer is our prayer team who are willing to offer prayers on your behalf in a crisis situation. If you have an urgent need for prayers then please contact our Prayer Chain Coordinators,

Carol on 515894 or Barry on 493884.    


Change of service time at St. Mary's

as from Sunday 19th of April (the Sunday after Easter).  

Please note that at the last PCC meeting it was agreed that the time of the main service at St. Mary's is going to have to move from 9:45 am to 9:30 am. This is to allow the vicar a few minutes to chat to people after the service and then get over to St. John's in time for their service at 11:15.  At the moment there is just not enough time to do this.


recent storms - heavy rain water has got into the lower chapel at St. Paul's and made it impossible to use for our Thursday 10 am service.  Until this is sorted out we shall be holding the Thursday service at St. John's at the usual time.


St Mary’s - The gates at the west (tower) end of the building have been locked and the steps cordoned off until we are able to mend the pathway following the theft of slabs. Please inform the police immediately if you see further suspicious activity around our church buildings.


We pray for those suffering in body, mind or spirit

Phyllis,  Sarah,  Lawrence,  Donna,  Stephen & Tracey,  Daniel,  Philippa,  Pat,  Beryl,  Ash and Alex,  Krystian,  Margaret,  Trevor,  Hilda,  Nicholas,  Harry,  Brian,  Andrew,  Jimmy,  Claire,  Charles,  Doreen,  Paul & Dorothy,  Jacob,  Jean,  Barbara,  Judith,  Diana,  Dorothy,  Jean.


We pray for those who have recently died and their families

Evelyn Mary Field,     Sheila Ledgard


From our Parish Prayer List

For all who volunteer their time and talents within the life of our churches.

For the work with young people of Mirfield done by Matrix youth group.

For all who live in our local nursing homes and those who care for them.

For the work done through the Red Cross and other emergency relief organisations.

If you would like anyone to be added or removed from our prayer lists please contact Janice Barker  01924 503530