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Notice of Annual Parochial Church Meeting of Mirfield Team Parish

in St Mary’s Church 7:00 pm Wednesday 26th April 2016

Agenda of Vestry/APCM Meeting


1.Appointment of the Secretary for the Meeting


2.Apologies for Absence for Vestry and APCM  Meetings


3.Minutes of Vestry Meeting held 22nd April 2015


4.Nominations for Wardens


5.Nominations for  PCC Members

Nominations Close – Elections take place for:        

6.Church Wardens – 6 Vacancies:

St Mary’s: 2 Vacancies

St Paul’s: 2 Vacancies

St John’s: 2 Vacancies

Each to serve for 3 years unless a 6 year span is attained (any extension to be agreed annually beyond this period)


7.PCC Members – 3 Vacancies

St Paul’s: 2 required

St John’s: 1 required

Each to serve for three years.

Plenary Session


8. Announcement of the Election of Wardens

---Vestry Meeting Closes--- APCM continues (Electoral Roll Members Only)


9.Announcement of the Election of PCC Members


10.Two vacancies for Deanery Synod Representatives


11.Minutes of APCM held 22nd April 2015


12.Electoral Roll Report


13.The Accounts for the year


14.Annual Report for the year


15.Appointment of Auditor





Nominations are invited for the following Offices:-

Wardens, PCC Members, Synod Representatives

Nomination Forms are available from the Wardens and PCC Secretary.


Parochial Church Council (PCC)