This web site is home to Mirfield Team Parish incorporating St. Mary's Mirfield, St. Paul's Eastthorpe, St. John's Upper Hopton and The Community Centre on Church Lane Mirfield.

For the love of God we strive for:

quality in worship and the service of others;

stewardship of the resources that are entrusted to us;

partnership, and harmonious relationships among ourselves and with the wider community.

Where we fail we ask forgiveness, dust ourselves down and strive anew.

Service times

St. Mary's

Sunday 9:30 am

Wednesday 10:00 am

St. John's

Sunday 11:15 am

Thursday 10:00 am


Lifting of Covid Restrictions

Following the Government's relaxation of the legal requirements for covid reduction measures on Monday 19th July we met to discuss how this change would be recognised here in our church buildings. As we met, we were mindful not only of the Government rulings and advice but also the further advice from the Diocese. Included with this mailing is a copy of a pastoral letter from our bishops (see below) which I recommend you read in full, but one sentence runs:

“Responsibility for decisions about local arrangements will fall on the incumbent and PCC. We urge you to move slowly, step by step, being careful to love your neighbour and seek to protect the vulnerable.”

As a Christian community we need to have central in our thoughts the needs of the vulnerable and these should, if necessary, override our own individual desires and wishes.It is with all this in mind that the meeting made the following recommendations which will replace existing covid measures as from Sunday 2nd August.

We shall continue to keep alternate pews unused but will not seek to restrict how many sit in the available pews. This is on the understanding that it is now up to the individual to maintain sufficient distance (recommended 2 metres/ 1 metre +) to reduce infection.

We recommend that people do keep this distance where possible whilst seated and moving around inside.

We still highly recommend the use of face masks in line with hospitals and many businesses.

Congregational singing is now allowed. You can sit or stand to sing as you prefer but we must insist that singing is to be done gently rather than at full volume and that whilst singing FACE MASKS ARE ALWAYS TO BE WORN except by the choir.

We shall aim for the greatest amount of ventilation.

The present safe practices for consecration and receiving of communion as bread only and for sharing the peace will remain unchanged for the time being.

As before these measures are subject to change and will be reviewed regularly considering developments.
With every blessing,
Hugh and the PCC.

Services are streamed on Facebook and YouTube when possible.

Mirfield Team Parish accounts for 2020
Annual report for 2020

Promoting a safe church.

Christian communities should be places where all people feel welcomed respected and safe from abuse.

Our Church is committed to encouraging an environment where all people, and especially those who may be vulnerable for any reason, are able to worship and pursue their faith journey with encouragement and in safety.  To this end we have adopted the House of Bishop’s Child Protection Policy “Protecting all God’s Children and their policy for safeguarding adults in the Church of England “Promoting a safe Church” as the basis for our own Church policy and practice document.A copy of these documents are in kept in our churches for inspection or can be found at the Church of England website (safeguarding) link given below.

If you have any concerns about any child or adults welfare please contact our Parish Safegaurding Officer Karen Batty on 01924 503547.

The  Diocesan Safegaurding Advisers are:

Carla Darbyshire - [email protected], mobile 07399 809732

Jenny Leccardi  - [email protected], mobile 07872 005189

Narinder Lyon - [email protected], mobile 07872 005309

Church of England website (Safeguarding)