This web site is home to Mirfield Team Parish incorporating St. Mary's Mirfield, St. Paul's Eastthorpe, St. John's Upper Hopton and The Community Centre on Church Lane Mirfield.

For the love of God we strive for:

quality in worship and the service of others;

stewardship of the resources that are entrusted to us;

partnership, and harmonious relationships among ourselves and with the wider community.

Where we fail we ask forgiveness, dust ourselves down and strive anew.

Service times

St. Mary's

Sunday 9:30 am

Wednesday 10:00 am

St. John's

Sunday 11:15 am

Thursday 10:00 am


Covid prevention measures similar to those followed last time we were open will be in force:

· Masks to be worn unless exempt.  Please note, if plastic visors are worn, a face mask covering nose and mouth has to be worn as well.

· 2 metre distance maintained between household bubbles whilst seated and when moving.

· Track and Trace registration either through booking in advance, the QR phone code or the slips provided at the church

· Booking in advance is to be done for St. John's but we will try to work without advance booking at St. Mary's.

· Please follow any instructions as to where to sit given by stewards or on  notices.  One way systems or separate entrance and exit doors may be in use.

· Singing is done only by the choir.

· Meeting (chatting) between bubbles is not allowed in the building.  Outside the building national/ local restrictions on meetings between bubbles apply, please check these.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our churches but would urge you to remember that although things are getting better at the moment the virus is still out there and caution needs to be the watchword for the foreseeable future.

Services are streamed on Facebook and YouTube when possible.

Next Sunday 23rd May we will be holding our APCM.

The meeting will follow on from the 9:30 service at St. Mary’s. There will not be a service at St. John’s to allow anyone from St. John’s to be at the meeting.At the meeting we will appoint our Church Wardens and PCC for the coming year. Application and nomination forms for these roles are available at the back of Church.We are desperately in need of people willing to stand as Wardens, we have 6 positions to fill and to date we only have 2 names. Please consider taking on this vital role as a service to God and his church.

I have heard people say that they fear the legal implications. There is no need for this fear, where there is any legal liability it is corporately held by the PCC as a body and not on one individual. Full training in the role will be given both by the Parish and on training events run by the Diocese.

A copy of the Annual Report and the audited Finances for 2020 is available to read on the notice board and copies have been circulated with the news letter. If you have not received a copy and want one please see Hugh. Please print off copies for the meeting and bring them with you, or have them electronically available on the day.

Mirfield Team Parish accounts for 2020
Annual report for 2020

Promoting a safe church.

Christian communities should be places where all people feel welcomed respected and safe from abuse.

Our Church is committed to encouraging an environment where all people, and especially those who may be vulnerable for any reason, are able to worship and pursue their faith journey with encouragement and in safety.  To this end we have adopted the House of Bishop’s Child Protection Policy “Protecting all God’s Children and their policy for safeguarding adults in the Church of England “Promoting a safe Church” as the basis for our own Church policy and practice document.A copy of these documents are in kept in our churches for inspection or can be found at the Church of England website (safeguarding) link given below.

If you have any concerns about any child or adults welfare please contact our Parish Safegaurding Officer Karen Batty on 01924 503547.

The  Diocesan Safegaurding Advisers are:

Carla Darbyshire - [email protected], mobile 07399 809732

Jenny Leccardi  - [email protected], mobile 07872 005189

Narinder Lyon - [email protected], mobile 07872 005309

Church of England website (Safeguarding)