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Welcome to Mirfield Team Parish

Sunday 22nd May

The sixth Sunday of Easter

Eucharist at St. Mary's 9:30 am

Eucharist at St. John's 11:15 am

1pm Baptism  of Coby Andrew Scott Blythe at St Mary’s

Open Church at St. Mary's 2 pm to 4 pm



         748,    236,     220,     575,     678     Anthem:: Ave Verum  Elgar

Readings:               Acts 16:9-15    John 14:23-29 

Midweek Eucharist services this week

Wednesday 10 am St. Mary's

Thursday 10 am St. John's

Although there is no legal requirement to wear face coverings this practice is still highly recommended in social settings and we still support this practice in our churches.


Refreshments are once again available following the service in St Mary’s and before the service at St John’s.

 Please download the attached PDF for all news from Mirfield Team Parish below is an extract from that document.

Covid update

At the last meeting of our Covid Response group we felt that we were getting the balance about right in making our churches as safe and welcoming as we could. We felt it was perhaps time to start moving towards including wine at communion once again. Too soon, perhaps, for full use of the chalice, but now safe to dip the bread in the wine (intinct it) at distribution. So from Easter Sunday that is what we will be doing. Your comments on this gentle move forward would be welcome.     Hugh.


Confirmation 2022.

If anyone would like to be confirmed this year we are hoping to get preparation groups together aiming to be ready for confirmation  by September.  We will be running an adult and a junior preparation  group so please let Hugh know if you are interested.  Many thanks.

Open House at St. John’s

You are invited to come along for refreshments and a chat at St. John’s church on every Wednesday  afternoon between 2 pm and  4pm. All welcome.

Parish Away Day 11/06/22

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the evaluation sheets in Church over the past few weeks. The Parish Away day to carry this process further and plan for the future is now set for Saturday 11th June at Christ the King Battyeford (we're not going that far away). We will be gathering with refreshments from 9:30 for a 10 am start, lunch will be provided and we will  finish by 2:30 pm. Br Marc Voase of the Community of the Resurrection will be with us as a speaker. 

This day is open to anyone to come and find out more and contribute.  We aim to end the day with a clear Parish vision for the next 5 years. Signing up sheets are now available in church with a dietary requirements section.

I hope as many as possible will be a part of this important work. 

To help your thinking and to see what the Church of England nationally is saying please refer to the material at this address: emerging-church-england/vision-and-strategy.

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

We are joining in with the Church Lane Street Party on Friday 3rd June rather than organising anything on the Sunday afternoon. There will also be a party at St. Paul's on the Sunday afternoon.

More details about these are given on the pdf download

Scandal of Grace’

An insightful reflection into the nature of God, who loves us so deeply that he will risk anything for his world and his people.  

Book Discussion Groups starting soon. We have two planned Groups running as follows:

1 St John’s Church, Upper Hopton starting Monday 13th June at 2pm for refreshments, followed by discussion at 2:30pm.

2 At the home of Peter and Ruth King starting Wednesday 15th June, 7:30pm to 9pm.      Please sign the lists at the back of church.  

Coming soon to St Paul’s

Saturday 4th June

10am to 3pm

 Mirfield Makers

Jubilee Fair

In aid of St Paul’s Church



We pray for those suffering in body, mind or spirit

Brenda,  Bruce,  Jean,  Doreen,  Christiaan,  Ruth,  Jenny & Oli,  Ted & Val,  Barbara & Peter,  Laura,  Amanda,  Pat,  Jake,  Naomi & Mia,  Lynne,  Barbara,  Eryl,  Stephen, Angela,  Sheila,  Stephen,  Kevin,  Martyn,  Colin,  Hilda,  Alan & Ang,  Syd,  Louise,  Andrew,  Wendy,  Sarah,  Krystian,  Margaret,  Trevor,  Nicholas,  Brian,  Andrew,  Jimmy,  Claire,  Charles,  Paul & Dorothy,  Barbara,  Judith,  Chris

If you would like anyone to be added or removed from our prayer lists please contact Janice Barker  01924 503530


We pray for those whose wedding is in May

Olivia Jade Naylor and Daniel John Moss

We pray for those whose Baptism is in May

Harriet Frances Speight, Margot Frances West, Thea and Delilah Firth, Coby Andrew Scott Blythe, Rosa Jane Rafferty


We pray for those who have died

Melvyn Payne,   Malcolm Spensley,   Philip Senior

Vivienne Etchells,   Paul Anthony Brown 

Derek Charles Mason

From our Parish Prayer List

For all who volunteer their time and talents

within the life of our churches.

For all who live in our local nursing homes

and those who care for them.

For the work done through the Red Cross

and other emergency relief organisations.

 Prayer Chain Coordinators

One of the ministries we offer is our prayer team who are willing to offer prayers on your behalf

in a crisis situation. If you have an urgent need for prayers then please contact: Carol on 515894 or Barry on 493884.