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Here is an extract from the news sheet for Sunday 2nd August. For the full news sheet please download the PDF thank you.


Welcome to Mirfield Team Parish

Sunday 2nd August 2020


The 8th Sunday after Trinity


This week saw an increase in restrictions and greater lockdown in our area.  This has not really affected what we are doing by way of worship because of the safeguards we already have in place.


From this Sunday, 2nd August, the pattern of worship in the Parish will be:

Sundays at St. Mary’s 9:30 am Communion with music.

Sundays at St. Mary's and St. John's church open for private prayer from 2 pm to 4 pm

Wednesdays at St. Mary’s at 10 am to 12 noon church open for private prayer

Thursday’s at St. John’s Said Communion service 10 am followed by private prayer until 12 noon.


We shall keep this pattern for August and then review going into September.  If lockdown restrictions are imposed, then we might have to make other changes.

For all services we are now advised that those who are able need to wear masks in church.  At both St. Mary’s and St. John’s there are social distancing rules to follow and only some pews are in use.  For the time being please can you let us know if you are coming to the Communion services?

We are experimenting with streaming the Sunday morning service to Facebook and then making a recording available as well.  If this goes to plan then we shall use this to replace the online recorded service we have been offering during lockdown.  We shall continue to send out the news sheet and links to the service.

We hope to be able to print the next magazine and start distributing this again although we shall continue to make it available online as well.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

 With every blessing.    Hugh.


THE PARISH MAGAZINE owes its success to the material provided by our own parish community; seldom do we need to search for material from the internet or other sources. Please think about how you can contribute words and photographs.

Staycations? Family? Venturing out for the first time in a long time?

Returning to church for the first time in a long time?  Emerging from restrictions?  Increased restrictions?

Material for the September magazine is needed no later than 19th August, earlier than previously suggested, so as to be able to send away for printing. Please contact Janice Barker:

[email protected] 503530     Mrs C J Barker, 19 Boat House Lane, Mirfield WF14 8HQ


 'KINDNESS ROCKS' is a project that has started in the churchyards of St Mary's and St John's - the idea is to create a 'Kindness' message on a rock or pebble and place it in the 'Garden of Kindness'.  Everyone can partake, adults and children alike ... The rocks have been placed just as you enter St Mary's Churchyard under the old Church tower or at St John's, Upper Hopton on the lych gate.  The idea is to share one for inspiration or motivation; take one away if it makes you smile!  

If you want, you can send pictures of your 'Kindness Rock' creation to me (Revd Cindy) by mobile or email and I'll post them to the MTP Facebook page or send them straight to the Facebook page yourself.  Take a look at the video on the Mirfield Team Parish Facebook page.


 In your prayers please include Reuben Sydney Stephen Roberts who will be baptised in August and Josh Cruz and Megan Rees whose wedding is also in August


We pray for those suffering in body, mind or spirit

Louise,  Andrew,  Stephen,  Wendy,  Shaney,  Daniel,  Michael,  Sarah,  Donna,  Stephen & Tracey, Daniel,  Philippa,  Pat,  Beryl,  Ash and Alex,  Krystian,  Margaret,  Trevor,  Hilda,  Nicholas,  Harry,  Brian,  Andrew,  Jimmy,  Claire,  Charles,  Paul & Dorothy,  Jacob,  Jean,  Barbara,  Judith,  Diana,  Dorothy.


We pray for those who have recently died and their families

Pat Johnson,  John Broscombe,  Alfred Parkin,  Jean Hazel Hodson, Ted Wood,  Bryan Bedford,  Gladys Hancox-Astle


From our Parish Prayer List

For all who work for our Diocese of Leeds.

For all Hospital and Prison Chaplains.

For our local Police, Ambulance and Fire Services.

For all who work in Mental Health services.


If you would like anyone to be added or removed from our prayer lists please contact Janice Barker  01924 503530  [email protected]