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News sheet for Ninth Sunday after Trinity (PDF)

Sunday 1st August 2021

Welcome to Mirfield Team Parish

The Ninth Sunday after Trinity

Today’s Services

Sunday Eucharist with music

9.30am at St. Mary's

11.15am at St John’s

We welcome organist Chris Royle to our services today.

This will be the first opportunity for our congregations to join in with the singing since March 2020
Please remember that singing is to be done gently rather than at full volume and that whilst singing

FACE MASKS ARE ALWAYS TO BE WORN except by the choir.

Weekday Said Eucharist Wednesdays 10am at St Mary's. Open Church 2pm - 4pm

Thursdays 10am at St John's.

To book a place at St John's for either Sunday or Thursday services please email [email protected]

Lifting of Covid Restrictions

Following the Government's relaxation of the legal requirements for covid reduction measures on Monday 19th July we met to discuss how this change would be recognised here in our church buildings. As we met, we were mindful not only of the Government rulings and advice but also the further advice from the Diocese. Included with this mailing is a copy of a pastoral letter from our bishops (see below) which I recommend you read in full, but one sentence runs:

“Responsibility for decisions about local arrangements will fall on the incumbent and PCC. We urge you to move slowly, step by step, being careful to love your neighbour and seek to protect the vulnerable.”

As a Christian community we need to have central in our thoughts the needs of the vulnerable and these should, if necessary, override our own individual desires and wishes.

It is with all this in mind that the meeting made the following recommendations which will replace existing covid measures as from Sunday 2nd August.

We shall continue to keep alternate pews unused but will not seek to restrict how many sit in the available pews. This is on the understanding that it is now up to the individual to maintain sufficient distance (recommended 2 metres/ 1 metre +) to reduce infection. We recommend that people do keep this distance where possible whilst seated and moving around inside.

We still highly recommend the use of face masks in line with hospitals and many businesses.

Congregational singing is now allowed. You can sit or stand to sing as you prefer but we must insist that singing is to be done gently rather than at full volume and that whilst singing FACE MASKS ARE ALWAYS TO BE WORN except by the choir.

We shall aim for the greatest amount of ventilation.

The present safe practices for consecration and receiving of communion as bread only and for sharing the peace will remain unchanged for the time being.

These are the decisions that affect congregational worship, for the full list of measures including those for Weddings, Funerals and Baptisms please refer to the web site.

As before these measures are subject to change and will be reviewed regularly considering developments.

With every blessing,

Hugh and the PCC.

Churches Together Yorkshire Day Picnic (Today)

Sunday 1st August at 4 pm

Well house Moravian Church Field

off Greenside Road Mirfield

(Weather Permitting)

Please bring food and drink and something to sit on.

Let's get social.

Toilet facilites will be available.

The Churches Together in Mirfield Collections in Christian Aid week totalled £1,070 which was a creditable amount.


There are plans to distribute Christmas angels again this year, so if you are able to knit or crochet, please start asap. Please contact Anne Richardson for more details or if you want a pattern.


The Friends of Upper Hopton Parish Church AGM will be held on Wednesday 8 September at 7.30 in St John’s church.

For Our Prayers

Prayer of Spiritual Communion Thanks be to you, Lord Jesus Christ, for all the benefits you have given me, for all the pains and insults you have borne for me. Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally, I ask you to come spiritually into my heart.O most merciful redeemer, friend and brother, may I know you more clearly, love you more dearly,and follow you more nearly, day by day. Amen.

We pray for those suffering in body, mind or spirit

Lynne, Michael, Roselle, John, Barbara, Eryl, Donna, Carol, Stephen, Angela, Sheila, Stephen, Kevin, Martyn, Colin, Dennis & family, Alan & Ang, Syd, Craig, Louise, Andrew, Wendy, Sarah, Krystian, Margaret, Trevor, Nicholas, Harry, Brian, Andrew, Jimmy, Claire, Charles, Paul & Dorothy, Jacob, Barbara, Judith, Dorothy.

We pray for those who have recently died and their families

John David Cleaver, Clare Haigh

We pray for those being baptised in August

Lottie Rose Tootell Foster, Joseph Levison John Tooby,

Beau Andrew Bryant

We pray for those whose wedding is in August

Chloe Coulter & Alexander Whitaker

Charlotte Victoria McKenzie Teal & Gavin Rhodes

From our Parish Prayer List

Churches Together in Mirfield and all the denominations represented there.

Students studying at the College of the Resurrection, University and College.

For those who work in Agriculture and land management.

For our link with the Parish of N’Gope in the Diocese of Rorya, Tanzania.

One of the ministries we offer is our prayer team who are willing to offer prayers on your behalf in a crisis situation.

If you have an urgent need for prayers then please contact our Prayer Chain Coordinators,

Carol on 515894 or Barry on 493884.

Our Licensed Lay Pastoral Ministers

Barry Hambling 01924 493884 Val Walker 01924 493174 Kath Crossley 01924 515496

If you would like anyone to be added or removed from our prayer lists please contact Janice Barker 01924 503530 [email protected]

Thursday 22 July 2021

To all churches and parishes in the Diocese of Leeds

As you know, the government lifted pandemic restrictions from 19 July. Whilst welcomed by many, this has also caused apprehension for many others. Emergence was always going to prove challenging as responsibility would shift from edict to local choice.

It is evident from communication I and my colleagues are getting that there is anxiety around about our current uncertainties and where responsibility lies for elements of responding to the relaxation of these pandemic restrictions. This focuses particularly where there is a dispute between those who wish to “go back to normal now” and those who are more cautious amid the ongoing risks and uncertainties ahead.

Responsibility for decisions about local arrangements will fall on the incumbent and PCC. We urge you to move slowly, step by step, being careful to love your neighbour and seek to protect the vulnerable. In particular, we urge that you continue to receive Communion as we have done for the last eighteen months while we monitor change and public health risk. It is not clear that we are on an ever-rising trajectory to ‘freedom’; people on all sides of the political divides are worried about further restrictions or lockdowns in the autumn and winter, and that will be harder to manage than taking it slowly now.

In his letter to the church in Philippi Paul urges his readers to “look not only to your own interests, but to the interests of others” (2:4). This means possibly sacrificing our own ‘rights’ on the altar of other people’s needs.

Please consider also the particular pressures upon clergy and lay leaders at this time as they seek to do what is right and (pastorally) best for all. Uncertainty is always difficult to navigate; we need to hold together as we do it.

Your bishops and their colleagues pray for you. Your archdeacons and area deans are ready to support you in your decision making. But, in all things be patient, kind and generous as we seek to be faithful to Christ and to one another in the months ahead.

In Christ who set our pattern.

The bishops of Leeds, Kirkstall, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Ripon and Bradford